Thirst! Need Hydration Body and Skin

Posted by Dana Ramos on March 16, 2017


Thirsty?  You need hydration  (body and skin!)


I have a dear friend who used to insist, “I drink lots of water!”  I asked her to keep track of every large glass of water she drank during the day and let me know how much she was actually drinking.  Turned out, she wasn’t drinking anywhere near the low-ish goal of 8 glasses of about 8 ounces each (a measuring cup of water is 8 ounces).  

So, she started filling a 4-cup bottle with water and—doing the math—she made sure she drank at least two of those 4-cup bottles a day. And what happened after a couple of weeks of drinking all that additional water?  “I feel so much better and more energetic,” she said.  “And my skin isn’t as dry.  It feels better.”

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I'm FINE - That Only Happens To Other People. Heart, Diabetes and Skin

Posted by Dana Ramos on March 2, 2017

Have a (good) Heart: Taking care of the whole family

We take it for granted, don’t we?—our heart beating all day, all night, just going and going and going non-stop from before we are actually born until it just… stops.  We don’t like to think about that, though, do we?   And we don’t worry about it—and shouldn’t, usually. 

I don’t want to worry you but I’d just like to make sure that you know a few important facts that will help keep you and your family’s hearts going good and strong and long. You probably already know that adults in Western Countries like America

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Tips and To-Do's Diet Whats Best For Me?

Dry? 8 Brand New Winter Skin Ideas For The Family

Posted by Dana Ramos on February 16, 2017

8 Brand New Winter Skin Ideas For The Family

I began writing this post during the season’s first blizzard of the Northeast, snow-bound in my house, watching the thick flakes come down; a perfect day to stay in my pajamas and give my skin a break from makeup and exposure to the winter elements.  

Of course, a blizzard is the perfect time to think about skin in the winter, and if you are like most people, you notice big changes in your skin during cold months:  Your hands and face and lips are much drier—so much so your skin may itch or sting.  We are running our heaters, which dry out the air even more and make things worse. 

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Tips and To-Do's Winter

Dark Spots (on your skin) and how to get rid of them quickly

Posted by Dana Ramos on February 3, 2017



About Those Dark Spots (on your skin) and what to do about them



There are many reasons why our skin forms dark or splotchy spots and patches, mostly on our face and hands, sometimes on the arms and legs, or they can appear just about anywhere. 

I will discuss the dark spots left behind from acne, but first, I’m going to focus on the skin discoloration or hyper-pigmentation that is medically known as melasma; the uneven patches and spots

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Tips and To-Do's Sun Damage

4 Things To Keep You From Getting SICK This Year

Posted by Dana Ramos on January 19, 2017


You won’t get sick this year  (if you do these 4 things)


The Absolute Truth:  I have not caught a single cold or flu in nearly five years.  I used to catch at least two colds a year and a horrible influenza virus at least every other year, which once led to pneumonia and put me in the hospital. 

Like everyone, I hate being sick. I hate it more than almost anything I can think of, even if it’s just a mild cold; and I hate seeing my children sick even more.  Therefore, I adopted a few simple and proven protocols and

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Tips and To-Do's Whats Best For Me?

Stick To Resolutions - 9 Easy Ways

Posted by Dana Ramos on December 29, 2016

Stick To Resolutions - 9 Easy Ways

So, tell me:  How successful have you been keeping to past New Years Resolutions?  Perhaps you’ve given up making them because you hate it when you quit and fail?  Same with me; but this year, I’m going to try some new stick-to-it methods that are shown to be very effective.  

People who make a living studying other people have discovered that you will be far more successful keeping at something you want to do if certain conditions are met when you undertake a project or commitment, and if you engage in some (or all) of these ideas: 

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Tips and To-Do's Diet Whats Best For Me? Holiday

Getting and Giving Gifts - New Ideas

Posted by Dana Ramos on December 14, 2016

Giving & Getting Gifts—New ideas 

Here’s what a lot of us do:  We buy something, anything, preferably pre-wrapped.  Then maybe we stick a bow and a card on it and watch incredible joy spread on the face of the person you give it to (I’m being a bit sarcastic here).    It might be easy to give gifts that way, but then what’s the point and where’s the joy? Giving a gift shouldn’t feel like a chore or something you have to do just because it’s that time of year, and it should give you as much pleasure as getting one. 

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Tips and To-Do's Holiday Gifts

How not to gain weight this season - 12 Tips

Posted by Dana Ramos on December 1, 2016

Whenever I read about diets, I get frustrated because they almost invariably overlook two of the most important things about maintaining or losing weight: One is that Diets Don’t Work, because once you go off a diet, you start eating the way you used to, and then the weight comes back.  In other words, you should never diet; you should change the way you eat and think about food as a complete lifestyle change.  And the other

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Tips and To-Do's Diet Holiday

SKIN FOOD - Best diet to eat, best to put on

Posted by Dana Ramos on November 15, 2016

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a blog post about food and the skin—you can read that one here.

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Acne Diet Whats Best For Me?

Have you seen your skin under a woods lamp? Its a horror show!

Posted by Jennifer Tilney CEO Platinum Skin Care on November 10, 2016

Have you ever had the opportunity to look at your skin under a UV Woods Lamp? It is a simple - mostly painless (and I only say that because of what you may FIND under that lamp can be painful) procedure where you sit in a dark room and they shine a special light on your clean, un-moisturized skin. This lamp can detect bacterial or fungal skin infections, and also skin pigment disorders such as vitiligo and other skin irregularities like sun damage.

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Sun Damage

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