Getting The Best Facial Cleanser For Your Money

Posted by Jennifer Tilney CEO Platinum Skin Care on July 26, 2016

Best Facial Cleanser For YouThe world of skin care is an incredibly diverse one, with a huge assortment of different products available to purchase. Those who decide that they need a good facial cleanser will often find that there are far more choices than they expected.

Determining just what type of facial cleanser you need will come down to a variety of things. You'll need to consider price, type of cleanser, brand, and much more. It can seem confusing or daunting, but if you'll keep the basics below in mind, you should have no trouble finding exactly the cleanser that you need.


Here's what to think about

Your Skin Type – Each face wash is created for a different skin type. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or something else entirely, you'll want to keep it in mind and match it up properly with the facial cleanser that is available. This way you get excellent results and don't irritate your skin.

Dry skin - opt for a cream based cleanser. Make sure the description states it is specifically for deep hydrating or for aging skin. Look for lactic acid, oils and hyaluronic acid.

Oily and Acne skin  - choose a gel based cleanser that will give you good exfoliation. Something that speaks of deep cleansing, shrinking pores or treating acne. Look for salicylic acid, tea tree oil, glycolic and other acid blends. 

Normal skin - you are safe with just about any type of cleanser be it a gel, lotion or heavy cream. You still need to keep track on how your skin feels afterwards. If you are too tight, then look for more moisture. If you are still feeling greasy then switch to a gel based cleanser. Look for glycolic or a blend of acids. 

The Function – Facial cleansers are designed to keep your skin clean and free from buildups of dirt and oil. But certain cleansers may have other properties – they may exfoliate, they may moisturize, have scrubbing beads and more. Look for the cleanser that does exactly what you need, and you should be able to get the best results from your purchase.

Brand – If you have a specific brand that you prefer when you buy skin care products, the odds are good that you'll find a facial cleanser from them. If you shop based on brand, you may be able to find the right cleanser without much trouble at all.

Results – Instead of buying and hoping for the best, you can always just use the internet to learn a little more about how well a cleanser works and whether or not it's worth the price. If you don't have friends and family who can give you a recommendation, online review sites can do so easily.

Price – Nobody wants to spend a fortune on facial cleansers, and in most cases you shouldn't have to. However, there's no question that sometimes the better, more effective cleansers will cost a little bit more. They will have a higher content of key ingredients that are more costly than cheap, detergent cleansers that can be found in drug stores.

Instead of shopping for the lowest priced cleanser, look into all of the things listed above and then consider the price that is being asked for the cleanser. You're shopping based on value, not on the cheapest price. At the end of the day, if you love that cleanser, then it is worth every penny!

A good quality cleanser will probably range anywhere from $15-$20 for a 4-6oz bottle. Keep in mind the specialty or exclusiveness of the ingredients so you can see if that is adding value to the bottle. 

The internet really can be your best friend when you're shopping for cleansers. By using it to research the different options available and to find the right stores to purchase from, you should be able to discover the perfect facial cleanser for your needs. Remembering the points above will make it easier to do just that.

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