Has your skin hit a plateau? Kick it into a higher gear.

Posted by Dana Ramos on September 26, 2016

skin hit a plateau

Try Something New This Month!


Have you ever noticed that when you have been dieting and losing weight, you hit a roadblock and stop losing pounds? Doctors say the best thing to do is to try something new—maybe cut out an extra carbs, try different foods, or add in more protein and water. Or if you have been doing the same workout routine for a while and your body is not getting to the fit level you want, the pros say to switch it up with some new exercises. And if your sex-life has become stale, you can… well, use your imagination (we are not, after all, Cosmo magazine)!

Same with your skin: If you’ve been doing the same-old-same-old and you’ve hit a plateau and your skin is not improving and getting where you want it to, try something new! Here are a few suggestions, specifically targeting some issues you might like to see improve.

For all-over improvement:

If you have never tried an at-home peel, you really should—it is the best way to hit all sorts of skin issues, including acne. If you have never tried one, start with something gentle, like the  Mandelic Peel. You can also try the layer-able 1-4-All Peel. One layer is mild, each additional adds strength.

If you have been using peels and you’ve improved up to a certain point, try stepping up to a stronger one, or one with different ingredients—this is like the idea of using new exercises in your fitness routine to target different muscle groups. Your skin may have adapted nicely to the ingredients of your current peel and a new peel with different ingredients may give you a new level of improvement. For instance, if you have only used glycolic peels,  try the Bi-Phasic Peel which is a two-step peel—you use a salicylic acid peel before you use a glycolic peel. Or try a Lactic Acid Peel. If you really want to step up your game, get the Progressive Peel 4-Step Kit which is progressively strong with each new level you try.

Fine Lines:

Retinols and retinoids are a critical element of anti-aging and acne control. It takes a few weeks for your skin to adjust, but the results are indisputable and considered very important products in dermatological arsenals. Try the  Luminosity Retinol.

For results in just a few weeks, try  Derma Snap 8LM with neuro-peptides. This anti-aging technology will smooth fine lines and reduces wrinkles.

You can also try a purely cosmetic approach to fine-lines with  Aura Smooth Xpress which creates a temporary optical blurring effect which also minimizes pores and controls oil and shine. Another super tightening temporary product is the NEW Lucky Potion No 9. You can customize this to your needs by applying it full-strength, or diluting it into your favorite creams and serums.  


As mentioned above, the  Luminosity Retinol is very effective in evening out skin color and reducing discoloration (melasma) and uneven patches.

To brighten and even-out skin tone, try the smooth and  luxurious High Octane Vitamin C Serum. Use alone or cocktail with your other brightening products. 

You can also try  Fade Bright Lightening for targeting spots. It is packed with essential ingredients to lighten and brighten.

These products are the best at-home treatments you can get on the market and are far more cost-effective than going to pricey skin treatment centers which often use lower-grade products or much less effective ones.

If you have severe discoloration and or acne that won’t respond to anything after you have tried it for a few weeks, talk to a good cosmetic dermatologist who could have some prescription options for you. Lasers are another option for many skin problems, but they are very pricey.

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