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Posted by Jennifer Tilney CEO Platinum Skin Care on July 25, 2016

Shopping for skin care products online The internet has changed a lot over the last decade. Today, it's the primary method that many people use for entertainment, news, information, communication, and more. People even work full time jobs over the internet, never having to leave their homes. It's also incredibly popular to shop online, and there's a good chance that you've bought something over the internet in the last few months.

Buying skin care products online is a good idea, and offers numerous benefits including better prices and better selection. However, since skin care products are so personal and so varied, knowing how to use the internet properly to find the best products is very important.

There are several things you can keep in mind to help you while you are shopping online. Remember the following and you should have no trouble finding the perfect product no matter what you need.

  1. Know your skin. Are you dry, oily, combination, acne prone, oily, scarred? Are you dealing with pigmentation or pock marks? Be very specific when you search so you can find the products that will work actually work for you, instead of a bunch of general products. Example search: 
    1. "Cleanser for oily skin"
    2. "Dry skin face peel" 
    3. "Pigmentation treatment" "melasma cream" 
    4. "At home chemical peels
    5. "OTC Retinol" 
    6. "Acne treatment"
  2. Understand the basic differences between skin care products and what they do. There are lots of different options, and knowing which ones you need is an important step towards finding the ones that work for you. Examples
    1. Cleanser - Creams for dry skin, Gels for all skin types. Use 2x daily to remove oil, debris and makeup.
    2. Toner/Astringint - used on dry skin to balance pH levels after cleansing and to get deeper clean. 
    3. Serums - strongest ingredients (peptides and other actives), go on first. 
    4. Creams - apply after serums to lock in moisture and add more treatment ingredients. 
    5. Peels - Acid that you use weekly or every few weeks to clear acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring. 
  3. Shop smart. Find a good skin care website that has a large selection of products for you to look at, and one that explains clearly what each product does and how it's made. The larger the selection, the better your chances of finding the perfect skin care product. If they have categories, choose the one that is most like yours. 
  4. Check reviews. There is nothing more beneficial than listening to someone elses review of a product you are interested in. If there are not any reviews on the entire site, take that as a warning. Either the company is brand new, or they don't allow reviews because their service or products are not up to par. Also beware if there are only good reviews. This can be a red flag that they don't allow bad reviews to look better than they are. A few bad reviews is actually better. You know the reviews are real. Pay attention. Was there a shipping issue? Did the company take care of it? They probably wer not deserving of a poor review.  Don't forget to find out about their return policy, prices, and customer service with ease.
  5. Compare prices. Thanks to the internet this isn't that difficult to do at all. You can easily comparison shop online and find out what prices are the best at any given time. This can be misleading though. The lowest price is NOT usually the best deal. Many times low prices coincide with low ingredient percentages. On the flip side a super expensive product does not always equal high percentages of active ingredients. I always suggest to find something in the middle plus a bit.
    1. Be sure to pay attention to the specific ingredients and percentages you're getting for the money. You can't shop "apples to oranges" so don't make unfair comparisons.  If a site is talking about a strength, make sure you find out how much is in there before you choose another product instead. You could be missing the best product.
  6. Look into the ingredients used in particular products. You should be able to find ingredients that have been tested not only in laboratories but outside as well. Some pictures, all the better. If you are purchasing a specialty ingredient (like emu oil) it should also be certified by the appropriate organizations. This way, you know that you're buying a product that will provide you with the highest quality of results possible.
  7. Don't hesitate to read some forums from those who have used specific types of skin care products. There are acne forums, peel forums, scar forums and more. People are very open with their results in forums. There are usually many pictures and regimens that can be very helpful to you. Ask a few questions. Go back and forth with some people and see what they suggest. *Always take their advice with a grain of salt though. They are generally not "professionals". Use it in your research arsenal so YOU can choose the best products for yourself.

With a bit of online research, you can be sure you are trusting the right skin care product supplier with your business.  Simply put, the ability to do significant research into different aspects of skin care products means that it's very easy to use the internet to find the right products for your skin. Looking better is important, and with the right creams, lotions, and peels on your side it's very possible to do as well.

Keep the points above in mind and you'll be much closer to finding the perfect products.

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