The 5 Things You MUST Know Before You Buy A Chemical Peel!

Posted by Jennifer Tilney CEO Platinum Skin Care on July 28, 2016


Danger 5 things you must know before you buy a chemical peel 

An at home peel is still a chemical peel. Results are very similar to a professional peel, but in general due to the higher pH levels and lower acid percentages, it will take longer to achieve your end results than if you went to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist for a stronger acid peel. No matter which road you choose though, you will still need to have at least 6-8 peels performed to get results. A peel is NOT a one time event. It is a process whether you are in an office or your own bathroom. 

Dr James E. Fulton Jr. recommends chemical peeling for removing fine wrinkles, acne and sun damage around the eyes and mouth. Dr Fulton is the co-creator of the infamous tretinoin or RetinA prescription so highly prized for acne and antiaging. In a professional's office you could receive stronger TCA peels, Jessners solution, Phenol/Croton peel or even the popular VI peel which is layered in up to 10 layers.  

Many people find that the more comfortable process and lighter peeling work better with their daily lives than the heavy peeling and downtime associated with doctor's peels. This is why the at home peel has become so highly sought after in today's internet market. It is easy to purchase a peel online and perform it in your own house.

But, just because the online transaction is simple, that doesn't take away from the fact that there are many things that you must know and understand before purchasing a home peel. Since you are not under a doctor's care, it is best for you to do your diligent research before beginning your peeling. 

Just what do I "have" to know before I purchase a peel, you ask? You need to exercise extreme caution when you are purchasing a chemical peel for home use. When dealing with acids, shopping for the "best deal" is not an option. Use these tips to ensure you are getting a quality product from a top notch company. 

1. Is the peel created with Reagent Acids?

There are many levels of quality when dealing with ingredients. Reagent Grade (ACS) is the winner. This is the highest purity level that can be attained. Acids that are not reagent can cause excessive irritation and can introduce particles and debris into the product. Reagent grade chemicals are high in quality and purity. The American Chemical Society Committee on Analytical Reagents establishes the standards for reagent chemicals. All of our peels are created inside of an FDA registered laboratory using Reagent acids. 

2. Is the peel created in a Registered laboratory?

Just as important as a product containing only the purest acids, the laboratory that takes those pristine ingredients and creates a finished product is paramount. In the age of at-home start up companies trying to make a "quick buck", peels can be created right in the home. Are you going to apply a Peel that was created with the best ingredients, in a meticulous lab that documents, inspects and certifies its finished product, or a peel that was created in a bucket in someone's garage? Think that doesn't happen???

Think again. Look for insanely cheap peels (like those on Ebay) for under $10. Did they mention how the peel was created? Probably by the "company engineer" . No mention of quality, labs, acid types, pH levels, certification papers? Then you know what you are looking at and you need to RUN, not walk the other way.

We have actually tested some random at home chemical peels out there. We were surprised to find that the biggest problem was with the pH levels. Here is an example.

We purchased a 30% glycolic peel that was supposed to have a 3.0pH level. *That would be extremely mild - and we expected it to be. Our lab tested the levels and found that the peel was actually an UNBUFFERED peel with a 0.9pH. That is literally 20x stronger than what they advertised. Learn all about pH levels on this page. Not only is that misleading and against the law, but it is very dangerous. The person choosing that peel was expecting a very mild weekly peel, and instead received a doctor's peel. 

3. Has the company that makes the peel been in business for over a Decade?

There is nothing that makes you feel more soft and fuzzy than dealing with a company that has been in business for a long time. Longevity is important in today's day and age of "1-page companies" with "click bait" and "free trials"  that are just here to get your credit card number and make a quick buck with their false pictures and bogus facts!

I have also found that it is a good idea to google the business's address and also phone number. With the "1 page" example above, I have seen companies change company names and website names to hide the fact that they are bad business. Make sure they have a brick and mortar - not a UPS box or USPS box.  

Research the manufacturer/seller on the Internet. After a business has been in business for years, you will be able to find a great deal of information on the company. Search the company's name and then "forum" to find people talking about the company and it's products. Check out the Better Business Bureau reports. Has anyone filed against them? Do they have at least an A rating? A+ rating? You can't pay the BBB for a better review. 

4. Does the Peel manufacturer have good reviews?

They just keep multiplying. More reviews are available every day. Go to google (or another reputable search engine) type in the company name and then add the word "reviews". You will find several to look over. There are always ways to trick the system though, so be aware of fake reviews (usually extremely negative placed by competitors), but if the company is legitimate then you will see accurate reviews that you can base an opinion on. If the majority of reviews are positive , then you probably have a winner.

When you are checking those reviews, make sure the site is transparent! If you can not find one single negative review on their site, they are probably hiding them. As a business owner for over 15 years now, I can attest to the fact that you can NOT make everyone 100% happy all the time. Many times it is not even the company's fault.

Maybe the shipping company lost the package, or it was damaged during transit. Maybe the customer didn't like the scent or the product just didn't work for them. You will find reviews like that all the time. It certainly does not mean that the product isn't amazing, it just wasn't right for them. It is best to get past them because there is no way around it. The bonus of those negative reviews on the site is, the business can address them and show you what they are doing to make the customer happy with their comments on the review.  

5. Are the pH levels and percentages of acids Guaranteed and CERTIFIED?

Anyone can "say" that their peel is a specific percentage or pH level. Or even list it as Mild, Medium, The Best Home Peel, or whatever they wish. Can they PROVE it? When a peel is created in a laboratory that guarantees the product, they can issue a Certificate. This certificate adds a Guarantee to the peel and proves that everything is as it should be. You will find that Platinum Skin Care has this. Anyone else?

If you have a peel in your house that does not meet these 5 criteria, first and foremost, consider yourself fortunate that nothing terrible happened and breathe a sigh of relief. Now, turn right around and toss the offending peel right into the garbage can. You are safe. Your skin is not something that you can "hope for the best" with. You have to use a quality peel. Acids can be dangerous if not created and handled properly. 

You know what is important now, so when you are ready to do another peel, visit Platinum Skin Care to find yourself a Certified, high quality product. 

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Be Safe and Happy Peeling!

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